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Our Big Sister story

The Big Sister concept was born out of a need.

An urgent need expressed by parents precisely after the COVID 2019 pandemic in the world.

A need for parents of toddlers, young children and older children to be able to enjoy pleasant moments in peace.


We take care, you enjoy.

As a reputable babysitting agency in Lisbon, we have been taking care of the children of tourists and expatriates since 2022, helping them to find the best babysitter that fits their needs, the languages spoken by the child and the parents and the babysitting schedule.

Big sister provides the necessary means for the smooth running of each service.

Your children and your family are our priority.

This is why we systematically check the training and references of our big sisters.

With Big Sister, your child is in good hands. You can now fully enjoy your stay, your sightseeing and your parties.


We serve the Lisbon community as an experienced babysitting agency and are proud to help families 

It's not easy to find childcare on your own. It's a long, hard search... and many phone calls.

We work hard to save you the trouble.

Big sister provides the necessary means for the smooth running of each service.

We gather references, check resumes, offer enrichment courses and certifications in pediatric first aid, and conduct personal interviews with all candidates we select.

If you too are looking for a qualified and experienced professional, contact us to find out more about our rates and team members. You can count on us to take care of everything.

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